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What Is Marketing?

The Porsche Customer Experience

The Porsche Customer Experience

Marketing #1 problem: no one knows what it is or what it does…
Have you realised we are the only one at marketing no one knows what we do all day? (including your children)
… maybe we should print some “I love marketing stickers”:

– forget technology, place customer first
– think customer: “how can I decrease the pain?”
– think customer: “how can I increase the joy?”
– better before cheaper—compete on differentiators other than price
– revenue before cost—prioritize increasing revenue over reducing costs

… maybe we should place posters of your customer everywhere in the office
David Metcalf, head of customer experience and customer strategy at Porsche:
The point of difference we need to work on in the age of social is the experience customers get from their brand.
The key is to build personal lifetime relationships, and the key to successful relationships is to get to know people and treat everyone as an individual.
A one-off transaction is easy. But a lifetime relationship requires effort. This relationship doesn’t come to abrupt end the moment the customer drives off the forecourt.
Customers must not only have a memorable purchase experience, but also enjoy outstanding ongoing ownership as well.
We study in detail all the experiences that our customers have with the brand and the emotional responses that it provokes, whether that’s the first impression of driving the car, speaking to staff at the dealership or having the car serviced.
It’s about mapping the entire customer journey, a process of identifying how the customer is treated during each contact and how the customer feels at every touchpoint.
Our people start to think of themselves as connected to one mission: providing a great customer experience. There’s no sales pressure, they are just like our customers, passionate Porsche people. We have prioritised getting to know the customer well and creating great personal experiences, rather than focusing on hard-sales techniques.

1. First we listen.
2. Then we provide bespoke solutions based on the customers rational and emotional needs.
3. Next, we measure to check whether we got things right.
4. And then we follow up…


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Le marché de masse est mort!

Un ouvrage qui décrit la révolution des années 2000-2010 – il va bien falloir que l’on trouve un nom pour cette décennie:
la prise du pouvoir par le client.
Integrated Marketing Communications
Don Schultz – Stanley Tannenbaum – Robert Lauterborn
Les stratégies et tactiques traditionnelles pour toucher une grande masse d’individus, avec un seul message, délivré par des mass media ne sont plus valides. Les media de masse – et surtout la TV – montrent leur manque d’efficacité. Le marché de masse est mort!
Mais l’ouvrage propose également une solution, LA solution:
“Les bases de données se révèleront être un outil de marketing plus efficace que la télévision ne le fut jamais”
PS: Robert Lauterborn, ça vous dit quelque chose? Les 4C? Les 4C qui remplacent les 4P? No?
Robert Lauterborn, Professor of advertising at the University of North Carolina: “80% of new products fail each year”
La règle des 4C:
Une proposition de Contenu ou de services par l’animation d’une Communauté:
créer une réelle valeur et une expérience client pour attirer et fidéliser ses clients.
[product]  Customer’s wants and needs
[price]  Cost (CTS – Cost To Serve Vs. TCO – Total Cost of Ownership)
[place]  Convenience (sense & simplicity)
[promotion]  Communication (interactive dialog)

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