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En 2010, David Cameron, après avoir consulté des dirigeants d’entreprise, a réuni au sein d’un ministère les entreprises, la recherche, l’enseignement supérieur et la formation: BIS – Department for Business Innovation & Skills (20,000 fonctionnaires au total avec le Board Of Trade). Donc pas tout à fait Bercy aujourd’hui… (avec 160,000 fonctionnaires).

Résultat: 1 million d’emplois privés créés en deux ans – quand la France en détruisait plus de 500,000 dans le même temps.


The government is working to create the right conditions for companies to thrive and make it easier for people to start successful new businesses.

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) is the department for economic growth. The department invests in skills and education to promote trade, boost innovation and help people to start and grow a business.

To boost the number of jobs and create a flexible labour market, the government is modernising employment law while protecting employee rights. To increase the number of people in employment, we need to support them into work through the benefits system and job search support.

The government aims to make sure that further education provides the skilled workforce employers need and helps individuals reach their full potential.

The government is working with universities and colleges so they can continue to provide high quality teaching and research and produce highly skilled graduates and post graduates.

The government funds and supports innovation in science, technology and engineering to help the UK’s high-tech industries to thrive.

Overseas trade and inward investment are vital for the UK’s prosperity. Through its trade and investment policies, the government aims to help UK businesses succeed internationally and encourage overseas companies to work with the UK.



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