The Innovation Wave

 Dalian Convention centre

Innovation is rapidly moving up the agenda of CEOs throughout the global economy.

“Meeting the Innovation Imperative” is the key theme at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in the Chinese seaport city of Dalian.

With global competition fiercer than ever, leaders of countries and companies have no option but to employ an innovation-driven strategy: to harness technological, economic and social shifts and create an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation.


Innovation, by definition, has the potential to ignite growth and boost performance. It is sought – and celebrated – here for good reason. In a recent BCG study of the world’s most innovative companies, 85 per cent of CEOs surveyed ranked innovation as a top priority. They understand, better than most people do, that in a world of rapid change, standing still means falling behind. The right idea, launched at the right time, can push a company far ahead of its peers.

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